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Edu-Source Consulting is a professional consulting firm that specializes in better reaching and teaching economically disadvantaged students, as well as unique strategies to better ensure success in  English/Language Arts for grades 3-12. We focus only on these two areas to ensure the highest quality with the fastest results through unique research-based strategies such as "The Five R's", and the "Attack and Apply" method.

Edu-Source's strategies have been presented at various conferences where they've been replicated with success. We've also partnered with numerous schools to help them better reach and teach under-resourced students through practical, research-based strategies to achieve double-digit increases.


We strive to

Exceed Every Educator's Expectation,

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Our vision and mission is to ensure YOUR vision and mission is being achieved to result in success, especially in better reaching and teaching under-resourced students, and ensuring the success and growth of all English/Language Arts students in grades 3-12.  


We offer on-site coaching and consulting, as well as professional learning sessions.  

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