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Professional Learning Sessions:  General Topics
Learning Sessions: English/Language Arts
Instructional Coaching

 Below are some of the most requested sessions, and can be customized  to meet the needs of your students and staff.


Economically Disadvantaged

  • The Five R's of Educating Economically Disadvantaged Students

  • Dealing with Difficult Students:  Practical Strategies​

  • Maslow Stuff Before Bloom Stuff: 'Cause I Ain't Got A Pencil

  • Meet Students Where They Are, Not Where We Want Them to Be:  Bridging the Learning Gap through "Attack and Apply"

  • Motivating Unmotivated Students

  • Teaching Formal Register:  Flip-flop Talk and White House Words 

Below are some of the most requested English/Language Arts sessions, and can be customized to meet the needs of your students and staff.​

  • "Attack and Apply":  Re-teaching Standards for Success

  • Believable Storying Your Way Through the Narrative Essay

  • Investigating Inferencing

  • Playing Around with Plays

  • The Presents of Poetry

  • Summarization Made Simple

  • Vocabulary Bootcamp

  • Writing a Delectable Expository Essay

On-site instructional coaching is available to provide a more personal and hands-on approach with coaching staff with their students.

Benefits of On-site Coaching:

  • Assistance and guidance during lesson planning

  • Building of relationships with students and staff to better address needs

  • Just-in-time training and "bite-sized" training during PLC time

  • On-the-spot coaching and guidance of staff

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